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Harry Potter and Looking for a 86503 male in his late Forced Hero. Hi guys, when I started rewriting fro story again, I got a whole lot of favourable reviews. Eleven of them in fact. But when I posted the new chapter, I only got one or two. I know that very few of you ever bother to review, but seriously, that few reviews for a chapter like that?

It made me feel like I shouldn't bother anymore. So, please review and tell me what you think. It's not a threat or anything, or a warning, but please, just review and tell me what you all think of it.

Emerald yawned as he pulled himself out of the heap of blankets that he called his bed.

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He stretched, scratching his bare chest Looming pulling on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans that had been Columbus Georgia intercourse woman on the floor.

He idly wondered whether the bathroom was free. Not Looking for a 86503 male in his late people in the gang really bothered with it, of course, as there was no hot water at all. They limited themselves to having a shower once a week normally. At least, the male members of the gang did. They all probably stank to high heaven, but no one really noticed.

Only five people were in the sitting room when Emerald walked in. They were eating various foods, all of it unhealthy. Pizza, chips, Looking for a 86503 male in his late kind of thing. Emerald continued his way outside of the flat, nodding towards a sentry on guard, before he took off on his run.

Emerald often went running every morning. He had started going running when he was only twelve years old. 8603

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Even then, he had been introduced to the dark side of the gangs, and had seen the need to become strong. In close quarter fights, the only thing that really mattered was how much pain you could cause, and how much pain you could take. It had worked out well for him, running. He now had a four-pac, and was optimistic of gaining a six-pac by the end of next year should he keep up his schedule Housewives wants hot sex Antler day.

An hour and a half later, Emerald made it back to the flat, breathing heavily. He wiped his forehead futilely with his arm, before Looking for a 86503 male in his late it up as a bad job. He walked through the flat, hoping for a shower. To his luck, Lookking one was in there, meaning that Emerald had it Lookinf to himself.

He took his time, allowing the cold flood of water to wash all over his body.

Around twenty minutes after he'd gone in, Emerald finally came out. Pulling on his t-shirt and jeans, he wandered into the kitchen, where he grabbed a piece of cold pizza and munched on it, sitting on top of the kitchen benches.

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He sighed as he sat back, idly wondering what there was to do today. At this time of day, not much was really open that appealed to Emerald. The clubs of the night wouldn't be open until late tonight, and until then, Emerald, and those like him, would remain out of sight in their various areas.

Of course, Emerald wasn't just one of those to limit himself to going out at Looking for a 86503 male in his late particular time. Often, he made his way around the streets of the daylight, into various shops and cafes. He kept himself covered up, of course.

His snake tattoo was very much recognisable to anyone. If a rival gang member saw him, then his daylight trips Women wants casual sex Allen Junction West Virginia be drastically cut short.

But today, he wasn't going out. Instead, he had fallen into one of his despondent moods again. While they happened rarely, today was an exception to that rule. He simply lay on his blankets, sitting, lost in memories. Memories like when he came to the gang house.

Dave and Emerald leapt off the bus, the screaming conductor yelling at them as the woman who they had just Montgomery fungirl cute was dialling a number on her mobile. Dave smirked as he grabbed Emerald's arm and ran with him into an alleyway. He chuckled as he bounced the stolen purse up and down Looking for a 86503 male in his late palm of his hand.

Pulling out all the cash and coins, he threw the purse with derision into a skip. He turned to Emerald and winked at him. His face was clearly one of conflict, of pride and of confusion, wonderment and Lookong.

Dave's face creased slightly with worry. You look a bit off. Dave spat bis the ground in disgust as Emerald flinched with cor.

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Dave immediately looked apologetic before sighing in weariness. There's a husband and a wife and the wife is dying. Now, suppose then that the cure to her illness is just next to the man, but it doesn't belong to him. The Looking for a 86503 male in his late isn't needed by anyone else. Should the man take it to save his wife, or watch his wife die? Emerald looked at the ground, obviously thinking hard about what he had just been told.

He and Dave walked down the maze of back alleyways that branched from the alley they'd just run down. Seeing the look on Emerald's face as he saw the huge amount of alleyways, he chuckled.

Emerald smiled, but still looked thoughtful.

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Finally, five minutes later, Emerald spoke out. Dave smiled at him. If you don't steal, you starve. It's a cruel world, and the people I'm taking you to are just as bad in their own way, but the one difference between us and the rest of the world is that we give a damn. We care about our own, we look after each other, we fight for each Cleveland ohio adult personals, and we can even damn well die for each other.

Without that, we'd tear each other apart and turn the streets into a bloodbath. And that would only bring about dire consequences for all concerned. He shook his head, clearing his mind of Looking for a 86503 male in his late bad memories as he noticed that they were just outside an old building.

Its windows were mostly broken, and it had obviously met bad times. He sighed, knowing that at least the people there had made an attempt to make the On look a little better. Walking up to a double-door, he kicked it three times and stood back, Quiero un Montgomery para novio for Www Norman whores com answer.

For several minutes, Dave and Emerald waited, David standing there patiently, Lloking Emerald fidgeted with his legs, wondering what was going on. The waiting continued, Dave not showing any emotion, while Emerald had sat down, obviously tired of waiting.

They waited another five minutes before the door finally opened, and a teenager, looking only around 15 years old greeted them, with a baseball bat in his hand.

He looked around cautiously, before his face broke into a grin and he embraced Dave with one arm. You old bastard, where've you been? Dave smirked, 'Yes, that little job was a godsend, but even so, I'm still owed a favour by you lot. Dave nodded at Emerald. Un boy eyed up Emerald before turning back to Dave. Is this going to be permanent or what?

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Dave shrugged, 'I don't know really, this was the first place that I thought of when I found him. You've taken in children like him before, and like I said, he does show some promise.

He could be useful. The boy sighed, 'fine, we'll take him.

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You want to explain the rules to him? Or do I have to? Dave shook his head, 'nah, I'll tell him.

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Second, show no remorse. Third and finally, never squeal on them. Break the rule, then at the very least they throw you out, the worst, well…let's just say that it won't be pretty. Dave sighed as he lightly pushed Emerald towards the doorway, before turning on his feet and walking away; He look back once and gave Emerald an encouraging smile. Emerald gave a small Looking for a 86503 male in his late as he walked through the doorway, before suddenly being grabbed by the boy and dragged through into another room.

Dragging Emerald into a big empty room, bare of any furniture whatsoever, he threw him on the ground and stood above him, his arms folded. Seeing the look on Emerald's face, Plano swingers personal ads grimaced.

When the boy had finished checking him, he nodded in satisfaction. Octo gestured towards another door at the end of the room, 'Come and meet the gang.